About Complainr

I'm sure you're wondering what the heck Complainr even is. Technically, it's an anonymous posting platform for professionals to vent, rant, and otherwise complain about all things related to work, business, products, and tech.

Put simply, Complainr is a place to blow off some steam and make your professional voice heard… without getting in trouble with your boss.

Think of it as your virtual punching-bag, wall, t.v. or whatever you usually smack with frustration.

Put all that complaining to good use

The secondary purpose behind Complainr is to collect and organize all the internet’s complaining into a searchable directory, giving problem solvers an easy way to find, and build solutions for, problems.

In this way, Complainr is helping convert all the frustration and complaining into real solutions.

Complainers get to vent and Problem Solvers get ideas… win! win!

Feel free to drop a line.

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